Gardens and Pool
Halala Kanda nestles within two idyllic acres of gardens. When machetes were laid to the jungle, which had enveloped the property, they revealed carefully planted lines of coconut palms, and orchards of cashew nut, ebony wood, mangosteen and mango.

These original discoveries have been brought back to life and supplemented with generous plantings of tea and coffee rows, pineapple groves, pepper and cinnamon vines, citrus trees and even a spice and vegetable garden.

Just steps from the main house, is Halala Kanda’s pristine salt-water pool, at 23 meters long, it is the perfect spot to work off the calories and let the stresses of the day melt away.

And with its view stretching off across the jungle and paddy fields to the coast, it’s also a relaxing spot to dabble at the pool edge and watch life go by.

Book-ending the pool, is a remarkable space known as ‘The Folly’. Designed in an art-deco style, it is a luxuriously appointed conversation pit, ideal for early evening drinks while watching the sun slide slowly over the horizon.
“By far the most stylish, luxurious and enjoyable villa we have experienced in Sri Lanka. 5+ stars.”
Patty and Vlad Makatsaria
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Pool, beach, swimming,Sri Lanka
Surrounding the house, flat verdant lawns have been crafted
Tea plantation, cashew nut tree
Tea and a cashew nut tree
Brief Gardens, Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka
Circular drivers court; inspired by Brief Gardens
Cashew nuts, tamarind, mangosteen, mahogany
Splendid views and set in an old orchard
Lap pool, salt water, infinity pool
Swimming laps in the 23m pool
Gazebo, pool house, cabana, cabana boys, weddings
The conversation pit in the folly, very good for yoga too
Foyer, granite, portico
Local hand-hammered granite pathways at the entrance
Honeymoon proposal, sunset
The sun slips down over the rice paddies
Firefly, moonlight
Halala Kanda means firefly hill and at night fireflies dance in the moonlight
Tea plantation, cinnamon, sustainable, vegetable garden
The house is at the top of the hill & captures the breeze
Rainforest, forest, celon
Park-like gardens
Old ancient tree, rainforest, sustainability
An one hundred year old tamarind tree
Ceylon, Serendip
One of many perfect spots for an afternoon nap
Pool house, swimming
Music & wifi piped to the poolhouse