"We've found this amazing old ruined house near Galle", was the start of an amazing adventure for the owners, Bentley, Dean, Jenny and Richard.

With a passion for creating unique living spaces, the owners commissioned awarded architect, Ross Logie, to lead the design visioning phase, with local building firm, Southern Construction, entrusted to lovingly restore the property inside, outside and throughout the grounds.

Over two years, Halala Kanda slowly arose from the jungle, to sit gloriously atop its hillside home, surrounded by lush gardens of bountiful coconut palms and fruit trees, verdant tea terraces and a patchwork of rice paddies.
“By far the most stylish, luxurious and enjoyable villa we have experienced in Sri Lanka. 5+ stars.”
Patty and Vlad Makatsaria
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Victorian Heritage villa for rent
Great Expectations, Halala Kanda was discovered in ruins
Colonial-style design architecture
The architecture was influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch and British
Crest, buddhist
The Halala Kanda Crest engraved with the Buddhist year it was built
Haile Selassie, old photographs
These old photographs and Haile Selassie's business card were discovered in the attic
Cricket, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka
Keith Miller - one of the greatest Australian cricketers. Batting all rounder renowned for his good looks and charm - a hit with the ladies on and off the field.
Haile Selassie, Rastafarian Ethiopian king
One of our more fabled guests
Reinvigoration boutique house southern Sri Lanka
The house was hand-crafted by local artisans
Galle Coast original villa
The old plaster is removed
Heritage Villa
The original hand-made bricks are revealed & reinforced
Portico, portuguese, classical
Our stunning portico is restored to its former glory
Swimming pool
Laying the pool foundations
Sri Lankan tea, tea plantation
Planting Halala Kanda tea
The intrepid owners: Bentley, Dean, Jenny & Richard
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