At any time of the year, Halala Kanda is a serene and luxurious escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

To ensure serenity for our guests, we have extended a simple approach to our rates

- Halala Kanda is available to guests as an entire house only

- For groups wanting to rent the Full House, the rate is USD1300 per night

- For a couple or family (with up to 2 children) in one Suite, the rate is USD800 per night

- These rates include accomodation and breakfast, with all other meals, drinks etc charged at cost. Our staff will liaise with you on these aspects to ensure all your needs are met effortlessly

- The minimum stay at Halala Kanda is for 2 nights, except for Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Easter when the minimum is for 5 nights
“By far the most stylish, luxurious and enjoyable villa we have experienced in Sri Lanka. 5+ stars.”
Patty and Vlad Makatsaria
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